About The Band

Schnauzer is a Thrash/Grind/Scrapmetal band out of Cleveland, Ohio – PARMA, to be exact. These idiots have been playing the raw energy of punk, the ferocity of grind-core and the heaviness of death metal since 1988-89 and mix it all together to make what they call SCRAPMETAL.

RIDICULOUS subject matter, vocals and lyrics make this listening experience quite enjoyable. At live shows, vocalist, drummer and founding member Jim Konya (Jim Sadist) likes to antagonize the audience and fellow band members with his witty chatter, charming sense of humor and Cleveland pride..




Current LineUp:
Jim Teufel (aka Jim Sadist, Jim Konya) – Drums, Vocals (Nunslaughter, The Spawn of Satan, Derkéta, Hideous Mangleus, All That Is Evil, From the Depths, Blood of Christ (USA), Hangnail, Minch, Nordic Mist, Scarvers Calling, Satanic Threat)

Scott Schumacher – Guitar (Headsplitter, Moth:Lung)

Big Shawn Hinkle “Lothar” – Bass (Crossface, Virgin Destroyers)


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