We need to announce the name of the mysterious new bass player we’ve recently acquired ..

I suppose we need to announce the name of the mysterious new bass player we’ve recently acquired ..

Big Shawn Hinkle will now be part of this madness and noise. Making beautiful scrap-thrash-grind-metal. Most of you would know him from Crossface, others might know him from the Subtones.

Please give him a warm welcome as only Schnauzer friends can do..

Here are a few pictures.

Schnauzer's photo.
Schnauzer's photo.
Schnauzer's photo.
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A fond look back at the 90s Cleveland death metal scene – metalsucks.net

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A fond look back at the 90s Cleveland death metal scene



Anyone who has set foot in Cleveland knows that it is one of the crappiest cities in the USA. From the dilapidated ghettos of East Cleveland to the wigger-infested streets of Lakewood, Cleveland varies between boring and terrifying, with not a lot in between. I had the misfortune of living there in the late 90s, and literally the only part of those years that I look back on fondly is that I got a chance to be part of a truly great death metal scene. Shitty blue-collar towns tend to be a breeding ground for good metal bands, and that was certainly true for 90s Cleveland, which was blessed with a ton of sick bands that sadly don’t get a lot of love these days.

A few underappreciated gems from this scene:

I am truly puzzled that HEMDALE doesn’t get more love these days, because they were fucking SICK. Not only did they play incredibly good, ridiculously downtuned grindcore with some surprisingly catchy hooks, their shows were always hilarious– super nice guys, too.

People these days look at APARTMENT 213 as being a part of the hardcore/power violence scene, but they were seen locally as a metal band. Either way, their “Vacancy” 7″ is one of the most crushing releases of the era, still holds up 100% today imo.

While it might be a stretch to call NUNSLAUGHTER “good,” in the classic sense they were great in their own, low-budget Parma kind of way. Also can’t say enough good things about their drummer Jim Konya, who is not only the chillest guy ever but has also played in just about every Cleveland band you can think of.

Speaking of “shitty but awesome,” we really can’t talk about Cleveland metal without mentioning SCHNAUZER. The kings!!!!!

EMBALMER got a little bit of national attention with their 7″ that came out on Relapse, but for whatever reason it didn’t seem to go anywhere and they mostly remained a local band. Probably they were all too busy being machine operators at some chair factory in Strongsville or whatever to ever tour. Love how sludgy and shitty the production is on this, especially how you can hear the attack on the bass louder than anything else in the mix!!

BLOODSICK was very, very obscure and shortlived but equally awesome Clevo band. As I recall, it was a few guys from APARTMENT 213, DECREPIT, and NUNSLAUGHTER, and I don’t think they ever did anything other than this split 7″ with Nunslaughter. Too bad, because this is some primo old-school death metal.

As I recall, DECREPIT ended up turning black metal (as many formerly death metal bands did in the late 90s), but before then they put out this SICK 7″ of groovy, sludgy death metal– check out the minute-long hyperblast at around . Think of it as “INCANTATION if they weren’t punishingly dull and actually had some hooks.” Fun fact: the drummer in this band ended up playing in INTEGRITY for a while lol.

And last but not least we have ODIOUS SANCTION, who really never got bigger than the local level but were always a favorite of mine. Their drummer was really fucking great, and was always super nice to me even though he was a longhaired death metal guy and I was a dorky short-haired mosher kid in big pants, which I really appreciated. He also gave me a tape of DEEDS OF FLESH “Trading Pieces,” which is what got me super into what was then new-school death metal (OPPRESSOR, GORGUTS, etc).